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Oak Lodge was consecrated on 2nd March 1987. In 2012 we merged with Lewisham Lodge (number 2582) and Lewisham Oak Lodge was born. A couple of years later Summit Lodge (No. 5944) decided to close and their membership joined us. To commemorate all of this a new logo and banner was designed to incorporate all 3 lodges which make up it’s membership.

The brethren come from all walks of life and comprise a healthy mix of senior members together with younger brethren.

We have 6 meetings a year which take place on the first Thursday in September (Installation) October, November, December, February and March  We also have a Lodge of instruction to which all master masons are invited to attend on the second monday in September October, November, December, February, March and April.

We will occasionally have rehersals at other times if the brethren feel it neccessary. We encourage all members to attend the lodge of instruction as this is where we feel a lot of masonic learning takes place. LoI meetings are quite informal and give brethren the chance to experience other offices within the Lodge, prior to them being appointed to that office.

If you are interested in freemasonry and would like to know more abut it, please feel free to get into via our contact page.

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  1. David Edwards says:

    Dear Brother,
    This is my first visit to this website having spotted the address on the summons. I congratulate you on an excellent venture.
    May I, as a Founding Member back in 1987, point out that the Silver Jubilee is to be held in 2012 and not as printed – 2011. We shall all be turning up a year early ! But then I suppose we could have TWO parties in place of just one – cheers !!

  2. David Walker says:

    Fraternal greeting from the Lodge of Happiness 7952, Warwickshire. Hope you have a great anniversay celebration during 2012. Our 50th anniversary will be in 2014 and we have started to prepare already 🙂 but our main focus is our 300th meeting later this month.

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