Next Meeting Update

The Last meeting took place on Monday the 7th of March and rather thean the advertised enactment, the brethren were treated to an explanation of the 1st Degree tracing board, together with a fascinating insight into Tracing Boards throughout history, both excellently delivered by W Bro Hignett.

The Next meeting will now take place on Monday 11th April (rather than the usual first monday in the month), there will be an enactment of the first degree ceremony taking place.  All masons are welcome to attend.

There will not be an officers meeting or lodge of instruction the following week, the next ones will be held on Monday 8th August.

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  1. royston slater-mason says:

    just browsing came across your web site, remembering the happy times i was a visitor 25+ years ago with david edwards and notice that i think it is likely to be his brother john who will be in the chair for your forthcoming celebrations.. i wish him well.. i still have his version of the chain he wrote personally, i used to present it at dormston. i now reside in the north wales province ,the chain is not presented, nevermind they are missing a great piece of ritual
    yours fraternally

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