Merger News

Well quite a lot has happened over the Summer Recess, for one we have merged with another lodge who meet in our rooms. They were called Lewisham Lodge (No. 2582) so we have now rebranded ourselves as Lewisham Oak Lodge 9213. Rebrand being the operative word as i now have to create a logo from both of our identities (i’ll have to register a new email address as well.

Upcoming events include an initiation ceremony on November 5th and a second degree ceremony on the 3rd of December so there’s quite a lot going on for us, as well as having the now boosted numbers of the 2 lodges joining.

In other news we now have a new provincial grand master who will invariably put his stamp on things so there will be changes afoot i am sure.

And finally as it was our installation in September we have a new Worshipful Master a chap called Andy Hand. There’s also been a shuffle in the officers so I need to update the officers page as well, as some of the members from Lewisham have taken up office.

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