Banner dedication

In honour of our new banner we will be having a banner dedication on Monday 6th March 2017. More details to follow (also the site logo needs updating to reflect this 🙂

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Installation Meeting

The installation meeting will take place on Monday 2nd September 2013. In attendance will be the Assistant Provinacial Grand Master W.Bro J. Lockley.

Any brethren wishing to attend should let the Assistant secretary know ASAP (Details in the dining form)

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Merger News

Well quite a lot has happened over the Summer Recess, for one we have merged with another lodge who meet in our rooms. They were called Lewisham Lodge (No. 2582) so we have now rebranded ourselves as Lewisham Oak Lodge 9213. Rebrand being the operative word as i now have to create a logo from both of our identities (i’ll have to register a new email address as well.

Upcoming events include an initiation ceremony on November 5th and a second degree ceremony on the 3rd of December so there’s quite a lot going on for us, as well as having the now boosted numbers of the 2 lodges joining.

In other news we now have a new provincial grand master who will invariably put his stamp on things so there will be changes afoot i am sure.

And finally as it was our installation in September we have a new Worshipful Master a chap called Andy Hand. There’s also been a shuffle in the officers so I need to update the officers page as well, as some of the members from Lewisham have taken up office.

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Its been a while

But i thought it worthy of an update. Over the past few meetings we have had a fantastic Burns nights and had an initiation of a new candidate. We have a couple of lectures for the April meeting on Monday 2nd April, on Mozart, Kipling and one entitled ‘Is it true what they say about Masons’ I am hoping to upload the summons’s in the future so hopefully i’ll post this one up in the next day or so.

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Winter Draws In

It seems like only yesterday the masonic season started (September) and already Christmas is around the corner. At out last meeting we had an enactment of a second degree ceremony with a lot of the junior brethren taking part in what turned out to be a great ceremony.

On of the great things i came accross the other day was an online version of our provincial  magazine ‘In Your Province’ up at it has all the news about whats happening in the province in craft masonry as well as some of the side orders.

It’s a great read and really lets you know whats going on around you (masonically of course)

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Full Scale Provincial Visit

At our installation meeting  on the 5th September 2011, we are fortunate enough to have been chosen for a full scale provincial visit, which means that all of the chained officers (Prvoincial Grand Master, Deputy Provincial Grand Master and the 2 Assistant Provinical Grand Masters) together with newly invested provincial team will be in attendance. As an active provincial officer last year I was lucky enough  attend one of these visits and it was a very enjoyable evening and a rare chance to see all of the provincial team in a normal lodge.

If you would like to attend please contact the secretary through the contact page

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First Enactment

Well the last meeting on 11th April saw an enactment of the First Degree Ceremony which was very well recieved and saw some outstanding work from the junior brethren.

Masonically we go into the holidays now with our next meeting being the installation of W Bro J B Edwards in the chair for our silver jubilee year taking place on Monday 5th September. There will be a committee meeting on Monday 8th August with a lodge of instruction taking place directly after it. It you have any questions (masonic or otherwise) over the summer break then pleae feel free to get in touch.

Happy Holidays.

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Next Meeting Update

The Last meeting took place on Monday the 7th of March and rather thean the advertised enactment, the brethren were treated to an explanation of the 1st Degree tracing board, together with a fascinating insight into Tracing Boards throughout history, both excellently delivered by W Bro Hignett.

The Next meeting will now take place on Monday 11th April (rather than the usual first monday in the month), there will be an enactment of the first degree ceremony taking place.  All masons are welcome to attend.

There will not be an officers meeting or lodge of instruction the following week, the next ones will be held on Monday 8th August.

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Burns Success

Well the Burns night went very well there were around 70 people there including brethren, wives and non masons and approx £400 was raised for the WM’s chosen charity of Macmillan Nurses. The next meeting will be Monday 7th March where an enactment of the 1st Degree will take place.

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Site Update

I have done a few site updates if you want to look around, there is an explanation of what the various offices are in a freemasons Lodge so have a look around

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